Who is Thoughtful Momma

My name is Rebekah C.  I am a happily married mother of three amazing little people.  I’m a sometimes doula, a good friend, a karaoke enthusiast and a beginning writer.   I’m passionate about my family, my kids, my dreams and of course, my opinions.  Welcome to my brain! This is where I come to think out loud and nurture my need to write and invite discourse. I cant help it, I like to talk and I’m opinionated. No wonder I love blogging!

Where Im From

I am from candle light, from Top Ramen and Scrubbing Bubbles.

I am from warm brown carpets, pulsing music and boisterous children.

I am from the tomato plants and cucumbers; from hyacinth, tulips and the a great, big seven-masted Holly Tree.

I am from the camping trips and omelets on Sunday mornings, from stocky, freckled and stubborn, from Millers, MacFergussons and Kellys.

I am from the Saturday Night BBQs, movie marathons and family sleep-overs. From music and from creativity.

From “Goldfish would have been better” ,“A closed mouth catches no flies”, “I just want you to succeed” and from “Youre beautifulbut” and “They are your responsibility.”

I am from From “Blessed Among Women”, “Trust in the Lord” and “Shema Yisrael”. From lots of candles and food, dancing and a host of celebrations. From a place stuffed full of community and beauty, judgment and comfort.

Im from Washington, Austria, Scotland and a place shrouded in shadows. From sizzling enchiladas, nachos piled high with jalepnos and lots of chilli topped with freshly chopped onions.

From the little girl who was adopted and enjoyed skiing, the one who loved horses and playing the piano. I am from the boy who grew up hunting and scouting, who joined the Navy and had many adventures. I am from just met to married two weeks later (and born 9mo after that!).

I am from the Cedar Chest, stuffed full of memories (a lock of hair, a bronzed pair of booties, a photo album, a piece of creamy lace). From sadness and joy, from heartache and resolve.

I am from the smell of summer breezes and lighter fluid and late-evening Calvin-Ball. Im from Autumn games and fear of crossing the line. I can still hear the cicadas in the trees and feel my stomach quiver in anticipation.

I am from confusion and anger, from love and camaraderie. I am from a tapestry of emotion and conflict, from rights of passage and sister-girlfriends.

I am from secrets, both beautiful and grotesque.

This is where Im from. This is who I was.